Signs and Symptoms

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Back pain is the most common complaint in people who have spondylolisthesis. The pain tends to correlate with the level of physical activity, with worsening pain with activity and improvement with rest. Most people find that the back pain is worse with standing and walking, and often better with sitting.


Another common complaint is ache in the buttock region. This can be pain referred from the degenerative joints in the low back, or could be a symptom of nerve root compression. Buttock pain can accompany back pain or occur by itself.


Leg pain that descends through the buttock, back of the thigh, past the knee, and into the calf or foot is a common sign of nerve root compression. When a spinal nerve is pinched or irritated, burning, numbness, and tingling can also be present. Muscle weakness can also result.


The type of discomfort people have varies from person to person. In early stages, patients with spondylolisthesis may not have any pain. Pain may slowly increase to become intermittent, or even constant. Patients may also live their entire lives with this condition and not ever have any significant pain.

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