I am only 4 weeks out from surgery, and I am virtually pain free.

I’m not generally one to write a review for anything, but I wanted to say how amazing the staff of Sonoran Spine has been. I had surgery by Dr. Chang in the middle of April 2019 for a complex revision of scoliosis surgery I had had as a teenager in New Jersey. He and his staff (Mara, Pierre, and Ryan) made this such an easy experience. While recovery from surgery is painful as expected, I’ve never felt this good in my life. I am only 4 weeks out from surgery, and I am virtually pain free. This surgery has already scientifically improved my quality of life. Prior to surgery, I could barely function due to back pain. Now, I feel like a new person. Thank you so much to Dr. Chang, and to everyone at Sonoran Spine.

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I can't thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone with spinal injuries

I would really like to thank Dr. Waldrop for everything he has done for me. When I first met him, he came across as a very kind and very smart physician. He did my first spine surgery and did a great job. He had a way of putting me at ease prior to the surgery and post op. I felt very well taken care of. I hurt my back again and he didn't suggest another surgery. He gave me much more conservative options that I know will help me. He is very honest and to the point.

He also spent a week calling pain doctors for me when I lost mine. I felt so hopeless. Without me asking, he took time out of his day for me. I can't thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone with spinal injuries.

Thank you so much!


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I am impressed with your concise information and your caring approach

Dear Dr. Crandall,

Thank you and your staff for working me in for my visit today. I appreciate you making time to review my studies and my symptoms and help devise some options for me to consider as I approach further treatment.

Every aspect of the office consultation from the phone call to schedule to front desk and back office interactions were friendly and professional.

Most of all, I am impressed with your concise information and your caring approach. I know how busy you are and I wanted you to know how much it was appreciated.

Thank you,

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I have never written a review before but this man deserves one big time!!!

I had an emergency spinal fusion and laminectomy performed by Dr. Datta last Friday. Due to the serious nature of my condition he worked me in to his very busy schedule and did the surgery two days after seeing me. He was extremely professional in explaining my options and really seemed to care about my well-being. He visited me post op and explained everything he did. He also visited me in the hospital Saturday and Sunday. I have had numerous surgeries in the past and have never had a surgeon check on me on the weekend. I would recommend Dr. Datta to anyone for their care. I have never written a review before but this man deserves one big time!!!


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Your outstanding work has given me my life back!

Dear Dr. Crandall,

Two years ago you operated on my scoliosis, 55% curvature back. After surgery you stopped by to see me and stated, “you are going to like this.” Your outstanding work has given me my life back! Without pain I sit, stand, walk and travel. Thank you so much for helping me regain my life in ways I never thought possible. Best wishes for continued success in your profession.


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A big thank you to Dr. Crowder and staff

Back in June I saw Dr. Crowder for an evaluation to help overturn a military disqualification. I was recently informed the appeal was successful and I will be allowed to test. I would like to thank Dr. Crowder and his staff for all their support. This would not have been possible without all your help. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. Thank you again, P.M.

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Thank you Dr. Chang and Mara for changing my life for the better!

I want to thank Dr. Michael Chang and his P.A Mara Immediato. Dr. Chang did a Lumbar spine fusion and laminectomy revision on me August 7th. I was suffering debilitating chronic pain for 8 years. I had been in pain management for over 5 years. I had been to 5 surgeons and they all said not to do the fusion surgery as it wouldn't help me. The pain management I was with did every procedure they could do to try relieve my pain, all failed.

I'm so grateful to Dr. Chang for believing that the fusion would help me, he even told me he was 80% sure he could get me to 50% pain relief, and he was right! I feel so much better! I'm 6 weeks post op and I feel better than I have in 8 years. Thank you Dr. Chang and Mara for changing my life for the better! I highly recommend Sonoran Spine!

- J.V.

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Thank you for being such a marvelous surgeon!

Hi Dr. Waldrop,

I was going to give you one of my marvelous handmade cards, but my surgeon wont allow me to do all of my movements necessary to create my masterpieces!

Thank you for being such a marvelous surgeon! I appreciate you being so patient and understanding with my son and family members. I’m also grateful for no lectures when I ruined YOUR masterpiece! You have so much compassion and kindness, plus a great sense of humor! The Lord answered my prayer for help when I was referred to you.


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You are there when we need answers.

Dear Pierre,

Just a note to tell you how much your kindness and caring means to me both before and after surgery. It’s so much a relief to know you are there when we need answers.

Warm Regards,

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I won’t forget your kindness...

Dr. Datta,

I did not get a chance to talk to you after the surgery. I did review the surgery a bit with your assistant doctor that was with you.

It’s been 7 days now and right after surgery I felt a great relief and I was so grateful that you did a very good job. Each day the surgery pain is going down and the original pain that was caused from the damage is gone as much as I can tell.

I will always be grateful, and I won’t forget your kindness with your exceptional skills. As I mentioned before you are a busy person. You gave back to me my life and that will be rewarded in a way you will know some time.

Keep up your work as you help so many people with spine problems. Technology will constantly change to enhance your skills ever more.

Thanks again,
God Bless you…

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Everyone at this office has done [so much] to help my injury...

I see both Dr. Datta and Dr. Mosallaie and have for over a year. I have had one surgery with Dr. Datta and will be getting another one in the next two months with him as well. He is very caring and truly wants to help all of his patients. My surgery went very well and he did an amazing job. He's so smart and attentive, as is his medical assistant Kassandra. She really works hard to make sure things are taken care of. Dr. Mosallaie is also a great physician. He's very knowledgeable and works well with you to treat you as effectively as possible. His injections are so precise it's amazing. Jamie and Dana are his medical assistants and they will do almost anything to make sure patients get what they need and the proper info. They are the unsung heroes of the office! I have also had appointments with Bryce and worked with his assistant Carly, they are also great and so caring. As you can see, I've seen a lot of providers at this office. I can't begin to thank them for everything everyone at this office has done to help my injury as much as they can.


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A kind word on Dr. Young from a patient's wife.

Dr. Young is the best!! We are so happy he is my husband’s doctor. I don’t think you will ever find a more compassionate, friendly, upfront and most importantly knowledgeable doctor out there. We are very grateful for him. He definitely has a way with people and in the hospital.....other staff raves about him.


Posted in Testimonials, Lyle Young, MD


Thank you, Dr. Young, for helping my son!

Dr. Young,

Thank you so much for examining my son regarding his continuing spinal problems. I appreciate the time you took to explain in detail his situation, the expectations of what surgery could do and in general making him feel better about his situation. As this has been ongoing for 3 years you can imagine that the pain he has been in has been difficult as well as the uncertainty of being able to play basketball which was always a part of his life. The compassion you showed him was truly outstanding and we appreciate it so much. Thank you.

He is seriously considering surgery and feels very secure and confident in your abilities when he is ready for this. Again, thank you and your staff for allowing him to be your patient and for the compassion that was showed during his appointment. I look forward to the information requested and am certain he and I will visit you sometime later this year.


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A very kind and thoughtful thank you note for Jan Revella, RN our Director of Research & Education.

Dear Jan,

If every health care worker were as kind, smart and generous as you are, the medical world would be filled with smiles and laughter. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to review my MRI with you. Your ability to share your expertise with me put my mind at ease. I have no doubt that Dr. Crandall knows how lucky he is to have you as part of his team.

Thanks for giving me confidence in the face of a large herniated disc. “Knowledge is power” and I will be forever grateful that you were so generous in sharing your expertise.


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We couldn’t agree more with our patient!

We couldn’t agree more with our patient - we are very fortunate to have such an amazing team!

  • Kathleen – surgery scheduler for Drs. Datta and Young
  • Aleida – registered medical assistant for Daniela Pal, PA-C
  • Amy Jones, DPT - Total Body Physical Therapy
  • Daniela Pal, PA-C
testimonial 10 05 17
testimonial 10 05 17

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I don’t know how I could possibly thank you enough

Dr. Crandall,

I don’t know how I could possibly thank you enough for helping me. For the first time in a few years I’m optimistic. It seemed like every doctor I talked to just wrote me off, but you really made a difference in my life. I feel so much better now. I’m so grateful for all of your time and effort that let you help me. Thank you so much for my second chance.


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Dr. Crandall is the best!

Dr Crandall is the best! I am feeling better now then way back in 2008. We really miss Claire💜 Lenora is wonderful! And Lynette is always so helpful. Actually everyone we've come in contact with has been very helpful🌸


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It means more than you may know

Dr. Crowder,

Thank you for everything you have done to help me. It means more than you may know that you understood me, my diagnosis, my treatment plan, and everything in between. Three back surgeries in 22 months is a lot, and you were there for it all. I am happy to close this chapter of my life and it would not be successful without you.


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Dr. Chang, a true professional at his craft

I wanted to send this in pertaining to some of your staff that were involved in my scheduling, assistance, and Dr. Chang that performed the surgery on my lower back.

Now that I'm back to normal, and have returned to work, I first wanted to thank Lori Lobell, for her support, always returning my calls, usually before the end of that day, and for rescheduling me for surgery after I suffered a blood clot which kind of postponed my first surgery for 3 months. She was awesome to deal with, as busy as she always sounded, she deserves a big shout, Thank you Lori !!

Next the Doctors assistant, Pierre, great guy to have to deal with, dealing with him, I felt he was generally concerned for my well-being, Thank you Pierre.

Not to leave the main man last, but Dr. Chang, a true professional at his craft, from my first consultation, to finally the BIG day for me, and then he stopped by the morning after prior to my discharge to check on me, I thought was just incredible, and very thoughtful of him to do that.

Thank you Dr. Chang !!

I look forward to my year end appointment with the Doctor.


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Thank you for being a caring, concerned doctor

Dear Dr. Waldrop,

I really want to thank you on behalf of my wife and myself for taking the time to arrange the introduction to Dr. J. McClendon at the Mayo Clinic. You took the time to explain the issues to her problem with care and concern for her welfare.

My wife had her sugery last week and is beginning to make progress. Without this surgery she would have been wheel-chair bound for the rest of her life, I am sure.

Thank you again, for being a caring, concerned doctor and may you and your family never have to experience the problems that my wife is going through.

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Thank you Total Body Physical Therapy for exceeding expectations!


Thank you doesn’t quite express how much I appreciate the help, guidance, patience and support that you have given me during my recovery. It has been a pleasure to work with each of you. I wish you all the best!


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