Thank you!

I just wanted to thank Dr. Crowder and his staff... I made it! You guys are amazing! Thank you!


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I Immediately Felt a Huge Pain Relief

To Whom It May Concern,
I have never written a letter like this but in late July 2015, I started suffering lower back pain and visited my Chiropractor on four occasions to no avail. The pain was immense so my primary care physician ordered an XRAY on my spine and it came back normal for a person of my age, 72. Three days later, I could not endure the pain and went to the Emergency Room at Desert Banner and a CT-Scan showed a compression fracture at T-12 but when the surgeon at Desert Banner realized all my pain was way down in my lower back, he hesitated on doing kyphoplasty and conservatively wanted to wait and possibly try some therapy and if no help, come back to see him. I was in extreme pain and immediately went back to my PCP, Dr. Carrington, who immediately had me go for an MRI that same day. It showed an acute compression fracture and he immediately contacted Sonoran Spine and Dr. Datta was able to see me the following day. He was fantastic and spent time explaining all the options to me. I told him that I could not tolerate a long wait as my pain was immense. He told me that he believed that my pain could be ‘referred pain’ and he believed the kyphoplasty would eliminate most of my pain but the decision was mine and did not pressure me. I asked him how soon he could perform the procedure and when he realized the pain I was experiencing, told me that if I could have the proper blood work completed, he would squeeze me in his schedule three days later on Friday, August 21st. I was elated and he performed kyphoplasty on the scheduled date and when I awoke from the surgery, I immediately felt a huge pain relief and will always remember him caring for me. Obviously, he is a skilled surgeon but he also displayed great bedside manner and was caring and I will always appreciate his unselfish professional manner explaining my options. He is a special compassionate talented surgeon and I want to thank Sonoran Spine for having such a fine doctor.


Posted in Testimonials, Jason Datta, MD


Quality of Care

I just want to give my heart felt appreciation to the doctors and staff at Sonoran Spine. They have always treated me with such care and respect. I can't express my gratitude enough for the quality of care they give each patient. I have a fond spot in my heart for them. Thank you so much.


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Above and Beyond

Dear Dr. Datta,

A warm thank you to you and your staff (Alicia, Kassandra, etc.) for the vital work that you do for all of us patients in your care.

I recently saw you on a lien regarding my injured neck from my recent car accident on 6-6-15. It is obvious that you do above and beyond and it is very much noted and appreciated!

Warm Regards,


Posted in Testimonials, Jason Datta, MD


Big Hug of Gratitude!

Dear Dr. Crandall, Dr. Young, Claire, Melissa, Lenora, Melanie, Maria, Rachel, Sarah (everybody!)

I would like to give you and everyone in your office a BIG HUG of GRATITUDE!

Your excellent care helped me thru a bumpy road to see the sunshine! I’m so happy to be able to enjoy again some of my favorite activities, walking J, cooking, and sewing crafts.

The kindness and help from ALL of you made me feel you truly care!

With many thanks,


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Surgery Was a Success

Dr. Datta and Amy,

Just a note to let you know that I am healing nicely and I feel really good. I know that this latest surgery was a success and thanks to you guys – things are looking much brighter for me. Just wanted to let you know that I am doing great!!


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Wonderful Surgical Abilities

Dr. Crandall,

Just a note to express my appreciation for your wonderful surgical abilities that you have worked so hard to perfect. My surgery has given me a whole new life and no pain! May God continue to guide you in your profession.

Most Sincerely,

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Angels of the Internet Sent me to Michael Chang, MD

I had spinal stenosis surgery back in 2008 that lasted until this year 2015 when my back was always in extreme pain. I got by increasing my Celebrex dosage to two a day that worked but I know it was getting worse. I went in search of a new doctor since I wasn't to happy with the last place I went to. I would have a 1:00 pm appt. and if I was lucky I would get in by 2:30. I had the same experience trying to get refills on my prescriptions. I couldn't be happier when the angels of the internet sent me to Dr. Michael Chang. He looked at my MRI and told me that it looked like a jig saw puzzle with pieces missing. He ran every kind of pre-surgical testing and set up the surgery for July 28, 2015. I went to Scottsdale Healthcare on Shea at 5:30 am. He was right that I wouldn't like him after the surgery. The surgery in 2008 I was pretty much running around after 4 weeks but this one was so much more involved. My itemized bill from the hospital told me that they used 120 parts in my surgery, I have a feeling the airline security is not going to like me anymore. Well here I am 1 month plus 3 days out, I still have quite a bit of pain but working with my therapist its coming around. He thinks I will be getting rid of the walker in the next week. I see Dr. Chang on Sept. 9 which is my first visit since the surgery. I'm hoping that I can walk in without the walker. I'm hoping that I will soon be back on the floor playing with my dog and grandchildren. They told me 3 months with a lot of restrictions then they will begin to lighten, I will listen to them and follow the rules because I don't want to see pain ever come back. Thank you Dr. Chang and your wonderful staff.


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I cannot thank you enough for all your help, support, and understanding these past six weeks!

pierre-letter-8-25-15Dear Pierre, 

I cannot thank you enough for all your help, support, and understanding these past six weeks! Knowing you would always return my calls promptly was so reassuring! Thank you so much! You're great!

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Much Needed Relief

Dr. Young,

I would like to thank you for your tender care I got with my neck issues. You’re the best. The last injection worked for a few weeks and brought some much needed relief. 

It is with sadness that I have to move from the valley to help care for my father who had a stroke at 90 years young. My neck still has its problems and I wish I could take you with me so I can complete the process. I know you would have figured it out in the end. We didn’t get our home run yet but we were getting close. Thank you again – I only hope to find another doctor in South Dakota that is half the doctor you are.


Posted in Testimonials, Lyle Young, MD


Sincere Appreciation

thankyou8-17Dr. Crandall, Melissa, and the entire staff,

Thank you so much for the concern, compassion, and care that I have received. Everyone has been so kind.

I am so glad I was referred to Dr. Crandall. My back is starting to feel strong with less pain. I look forward to the day I can return to all the activities I enjoy. Thank you Dr. Crandall.

With sincere appreciation and thanks,

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Before surgery, I had difficulty walking more than several hundred feet some days and others, more like 50 feet. Now, I am half way through my new year’s goal of walking 1,000 miles in 2015. As of July 11, I have walked 547 miles and will be doing my 5.1 mile walk to Starbucks and back later this morning! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Melissa Gebhardt Tsai and Dennis Crandall. You have given me back my life.


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Never Say it Can't Be Done

I have had three previous spinal surgeries between 2007 and 2009. Each surgeon told me that their corrections were the very best and THAT there was very little hope I would walk or stand upright ever again. They were so wrong. Dr. Chang gave me those two gifts, standing and walking. He is mine and my family's hero!!!


Posted in Testimonials, Michael Chang, MD


Knowledgeable and Professional

Dr. Datta performed my revision surgery on my lumbar spine after another Mesa neurosurgeon botched my first fusion. Although the damage had already been done after my first surgery, Dr. Datta stabilized my spine, and allowed my fusion to heal correctly.

Posted in Testimonials, Jason Datta, MD


After Completing the Walk, I Felt Ecstatic!

Dear Dr. Crandall and Melissa,

Earlier this month, Alex and I went to Show Low for a few days to cool off. Three years ago, we visited the same town and lake for a reprieve before my 2012 back surgery. At that time, I could only walk around the lake (flat paved surface) for fifteen minutes because of the stenosis and pains shooting down my leg.

However, this month, I walked around the entire lake (about a mile) and had no trouble other than shortness of breath due to higher altitude. After completing the walk, I felt ecstatic! I wanted to call you right then with a Big Thank You! For me, it was like running a 5k, only on a smaller scale!

You and your team have certainly changed my life. As I enter the sixth decade of my life, I am fairly active (walk, swim, work out at gym, substitute teach, etc.). I do not plan on sky diving or surfing anytime soon, so I should be good.

Dr. M has prescribed a compound lotion that helps greatly with the cervical pain and muscle tightness. That really is my only problem spot. My back does require a break on long trips in the car, but doesn’t everyone?

My heart is filled with thanksgiving that I came to you in 1997. Our medical relationship is very dear to me. I recommend you to everyone. It seem like so many are opposed to surgery, but for me, it was the answer to a productive life!

Much appreciation and thanks,


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I no longer say, " No, I can't." I now say ,"Yes, I can"

I was heavily involved with high school sports, a physical education major in college, an Army infantry officer and 28 years a middle school teacher. My hobbies were bicycling and white water rafting. As I neared retirement problems started showing up in my lower back. My weight gain added to the problem.

The pain became a case of how tense and how frequent. I lived with it, but the pain won out. I've tried steroid shots, chiropractic decompression, acupuncture and radio frequency ablation. The RFA lasted the longest, almost 10 yrs.

However, the pain did return and RFA seemed the right choice again. It's been months since the procedure and I am doing very well. I go on mile long dog walks each day and several bike rides each week. Dr. Mosallaie and his team are very good at this. Thanks to them I no longer say, " No, I can't." I now say ,"Yes, I can". Thank you, Dr. Mosallaie.


Posted in Testimonials, Farhad Mosallaie, PhD, DO


Gave Me and My Family Back My Lifestyle

I currently work for the Fire Department and my quality of life before my injury was very active. I hiked, biked, fished, went to the gym, golfed, and spent many days with my kids teaching softball, volleyball, and raising animals. I injured my lower back leaving me with severe nerve tension and electric pain down my left leg. I could barely stand, walk, or even sit for a long period. My life was miserable and depression started to kick in. I was consuming over the counter pain relief medications just to get through each day and remained on our couch for several months. My position of comfort was legs lifted on the arm rest of our couch and my back on the seat cushion. Ice packs and heat treatments seemed to make some of the pain go away.

During this miserable experience, I encountered 3 epidurals and probably consumed 2 prescriptions of ibuprophen without any relief. Now you can predict what changes my health was making…. YES, 20 pounds heavier from the steroid injections and not being active at all!

Posted in Testimonials, Michael Chang, MD


Tempe & Peoria Office Shine

Before I go in for my surgery tomorrow I wanted to thank you for all your help and ask if you could pass along my gratitude to the staff at the Tempe and the Peoria office. Everyone I have had the opportunity to meet have been great, and I feel Dr. Fedoriw could not have recommended a better practice.

Thanks again for all you have done,


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June is Scoliosis Awareness Month

June is Scoliosis Awareness Month

With June being #ScoliosisAwareness month, I think this is fitting. It's all thanks to Dr. Chang, Jan Revella, and Pierre! You guys are amazing!

- P.L.

Posted in Testimonials, Michael Chang, MD


Dr. Datta is a Genius at His Craft

I would like to say a very special thank you to Dr. Datta, And his assistants Amy and Kassandra. I had to have 2 separate lower lumbar surgeries within 6 weeks of each other. When I needed forms for work, insurance etc.., they would always accommodate my needs and get them done in a timely manner. Dr. Datta is a genius at his craft. He will take the time to explain everything in detail so the patient feels more comfortable with what they will be going through. I have been dealing with back and leg pain for almost 2 years. One day post-op and I feel incredible. Again, thank you to Dr. Datta, Amy and Kassandra.


Posted in Testimonials, Jason Datta, MD


Back to Work, Doing Well, and Active!

Dear Dr. Young,

I would like to formally thank you for caring for my brother. He is recovering to a level that is just wonderful. You have literally given him his lifestyle back again. He is back to work, doing very well, and is active. I have not seen him look so good and be so active in years. His current quality of life is amazing.

I would also like to thank you for clearly explaining the pathology of his spinal problem, showing us his x-rays and other diagnostic tests. You made it very clear what the problem was for him, plus what could be done to help him regain his health.

You are very skilled as a surgeon and a healer. Thank you for helping my brother.

Very truly yours,

Posted in Testimonials, Lyle Young, MD


Keep Up the Good Work Total Body PT

Bert, Yoshi, Jessica, Michael, & Derek,

I want to thank each and everyone of you for your help in making me feel so much better. Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much.


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You Have Impacted My Life

Dear Dr. Young,

When I was a child, probably 3 or 4 years old, there was a doctor that my mom would take me to see for all of the usual childhood ailments. This was back in the day when doctors would make house calls, so sometimes he would even come to our home to see us when we were sick, my siblings or me. I only knew him as Doctor Earl. I remember the times when I would see Dr. Earl because he would talk with me, ask me questions and explain things to me in ways a child could understand. I could feel he really cared. He would joke with me, tell me stories and thus because of all these things he could give me shots that wouldn't hurt. He had such a big impact on my life that some 55 years later I still remember.

I am telling you this Doctor Young because I want you to know that in all the years since I have never had another experience like that, until an accident introduced me to you. I will never be able to express my appreciation or thank you enough for all you've done, but even more than that, for your humanity. Taking the time to really listen to me and learn who I am and care about my life.

I never thought I would ever miss seeing a doctor but I will miss seeing you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you. You too have impacted my life and I feel honored to know you. I just want you to know that.

PS: Dr. Earl used to give me suckers. But I do like butter mints too.



Posted in Testimonials, Lyle Young, MD


Interventional Pain Management Experience

The staff at the front is very kind and addressed me right when I walked into the door. I only waited for 10 minutes before being brought back. The MA for the doctor was very friendly. The doctor was prompt and very informative about my condition. He even overbooked me the same week to get my injection done before I am to go back home. Very efficient staff who provided me with the direct number and e-mail address to contact if I had any questions. I would recommend this office to anyone!


Posted in Testimonials, Terrence Crowder, MD


Compassion For Patients is Refreshing

Hi Melissa,

We want to thank you for the care you've done for my health stuff over the last two years. We were blessed to have you helping out.

It was you that believed in my pain for my arm/neck when everyone else seemed to think because of the MRI things were OK. You drilled down on the MRI, looked at my symptoms and came up with that was a C7–T1 issue. We appreciated your help in guiding me to having my hip replaced. We took your suggestion of surgery verses more injections and it worked. I can now dance the polka with the best of them.

I picked up my medical records from Sonoran Spine to take to another doc's opinion. The doc and I noticed in the records that in October you thought I may have a C6 issue but the MRI didn't show any real problem. I had a MRI done three weeks ago and the results showed a problem at C5-C6. The problem had worsened since my MRI done in Oct 2014. I know that a lot of people didn't think it was a spinal problem and more of a carpal tunnel issue, but clearly the last MRI in March 2015 revealed a spinal disc issue. Again, your clear concise looking at symptoms and test results were spot on for the problem.

The passion you have for your work and compassion for patients is refreshing in this day of "fast medical care". I've worked in healthcare for over 30 years and have never seen a person like you wanting to treat the patient in body and soul. I was thinking it was just that the great care you gave me was because we were Wausauoins and cheered for the Packers.

We believe it was a blessing that you were there for us. We pray you have a life of happiness and love.

Take care my friend,

Posted in Testimonials, Melissa Gebardt Tsai, PA-C


A New Lease on Life

Dear Dr. Chang,

My wife, Anne suffered for a number of years with continuous back pain. She could not walk any distance without using walking sticks or holding on to me. On the recommendation of friends and chiropractor, we visited two surgeons. One was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the other one was in Phoenix, Arizona. Both had specialists that performed back surgery. One surgeon felt that Anne's condition was beyond his specialty. The other surgeon, Dr. Justin Field, very well-known in the Phoenix area, reviewed the x-rays and concluded with regrets that he could not do the surgery. He then referred us to Dr. Chang at the Sonoran Spine Center as he felt confident that Dr. Chang could do the surgery because this type of a back condition was his specialty.

On May 7, 2014, we visited with Dr. Chang. He took a number of x-rays and after examining them told us that he can do the surgery and assured us that when done, Anne will be walking straight. We were elated with the good news. He spent almost an hour discussing the surgery which impressed us as not all doctors take enough time with patients.

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Thank You for Taking Such a Personal Interest

Dr. Crandall’s surgery scheduler, Lori L. received a very nice compliment from a patient and his wife. Thank you for making a difference, Lori!


Thank you for all your help getting me to surgery. If it wasn’t for you I would still be waiting. Lots of hoops to go through in your business. Thanks again. Surgery went very well. I am back to about 65% of where I was. Have to work on my left leg at the gym for a few more months.


Dear Lori,

It is almost 3 months since Dec. 5 when my husband had surgery. You were a bright guiding light to us during an intense scary time.

Thank you for taking such a personal interest in helping us get surgery. You even coordinated for us to see your own doctor to avoid surgery date set backs. My husband is recovering very well. He works out again at the gym. Nerve function is coming back in his left leg. Thank you, thank you. You made a big difference in the quality of his life! We are so grateful, Lori.

May you get the kind of care you so willingly gave to us!


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Our Peoria Team Exceeding Expectations

Dear Dr. Crandall,

I am writing this letter to compliment what an amazing team you have in the Peoria Office. 5 years ago I had a neck fusion by another Spine doctor and much to my dismay some of the spine did not fuse properly and consequently I have suffered much pain and tried everything from physical therapy to various medications. I was referred to another surgeon at St. Josephs. I began the process of MRI and cat scans and when I called to schedule a follow-up appointment I was told I was not to contact them that once all had been reviewed they would call me. Needless to say not only have they never called me for a follow-up but this was back in July 2014 and now I live in constant in pain my hands are completely numb.

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