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A kind word on Dr. Young from a patient's wife.

Dr. Young is the best!! We are so happy he is my husband’s doctor. I don’t think you will ever find a more compassionate, friendly, upfront and most importantly knowledgeable doctor out there. We are very grateful for him. He definitely has a way with people and in the hospital.....other staff raves about him.


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Thank you, Dr. Young, for helping my son!

Dr. Young,

Thank you so much for examining my son regarding his continuing spinal problems. I appreciate the time you took to explain in detail his situation, the expectations of what surgery could do and in general making him feel better about his situation. As this has been ongoing for 3 years you can imagine that the pain he has been in has been difficult as well as the uncertainty of being able to play basketball which was always a part of his life. The compassion you showed him was truly outstanding and we appreciate it so much. Thank you.

He is seriously considering surgery and feels very secure and confident in your abilities when he is ready for this. Again, thank you and your staff for allowing him to be your patient and for the compassion that was showed during his appointment. I look forward to the information requested and am certain he and I will visit you sometime later this year.


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It was like a miracle. Thank you Dr. Young!

At my first appointment with Dr. Young, he explained clearly what was causing my leg and back pain.  He said no one should ever rush into back surgery, and he suggested other forms of treatment.  Then he said remember if these treatments don’t work there is a surgical solution.  I tried the other options with some limited success.  Finally I went back to Dr. Young and on March 3rd I had surgery.  When I regained consciousness I realized immediately that my leg and back pain was gone.  It was like a miracle.  Thank you Dr. Young!

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It all went perfectly

Dr. Young and team,

It needs to be said that after all the good people in the medical business that saw me in 2014 and 2015, it took a smiling Dr. and his staff to thoroughly identify my problems and showed me everything as we approached the surgery date. It all went perfectly, just as the staff said it would, and I am delighted to say we will recommend this staff and Dr. to anyone that needs a no b.s. explanation of what is really going on, and what procedures are warranted.

Thanks to all of those folks, and they do need a raise and a prepaid cruise to give them a much needed break.


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You deserve a great big thank you!

Dr. Young,

You have no idea how much your help has meant. Thank you for all that you have done.



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Both my husband and myself are very impressed

I just had my first face to face meeting with Dr. Young. Both my husband and myself are very impressed with his knowledge and care in explaining the very difficult surgery that I need. I have researched extensively online, the procedure, and frankly scared myself out of the surgery, but Dr. Young was patient and truthful so I will be having it soon. He even strongly recommended getting a second opinion, which of course I will do. Bryce is awesome too!

– K.K.

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His care and expertise have changed my life!

Dr. Young has an excellent bedside manner and treated my spine condition with such compassion and concern. I have improved so much and been able to return to my hobbies and activities. I recommend Dr. Young to anyone who has any spine problems, he is just wonderful. His care and expertise have changed my life!


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Handmade gift from a patient

We are excited to share a handmade gift Dr. Young received. His patient wanted to express gratitude one year after his spinal fusion. Our patients are amazing!



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A note to Jeanne and Jennifer (Dr. Young’s medical assistant and surgery scheduler)

I just wanted to tell you and Dr. Young how pleased I am with his office professionals.
Not often do I find persons like yourselves who are so pleasant, caring and proficient in interfacing with patients. I want to thank you and congratulate both of you.

Dr. Young is very fortunate to have you on his staff and I hope he takes excellent care of two jewels he has working with him.

Thanks again,

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Walking with no pain

Dr. Young,

Thank you for giving me my life back, walking with no pain!



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On a scale of 1-10, he's a 20!

In my life time, I have had many, many surgeries, but have never experience the kindness and skill of Dr. Young. I am a heathcare professional and it is, indeed, rare to find such professional qualities as I found in Dr. Young. On a scale of 1-10, he's a 20!


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I Trust In Him Completely

Dr. Young is a caring, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable physician. I trust in him completely and could not be happier with him and the improvement in the quality of my life since seeing him.

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Big Hug of Gratitude!

Dear Dr. Crandall, Dr. Young, Claire, Melissa, Lenora, Melanie, Maria, Rachel, Sarah (everybody!)

I would like to give you and everyone in your office a BIG HUG of GRATITUDE!

Your excellent care helped me thru a bumpy road to see the sunshine! I’m so happy to be able to enjoy again some of my favorite activities, walking J, cooking, and sewing crafts.

The kindness and help from ALL of you made me feel you truly care!

With many thanks,


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Much Needed Relief

Dr. Young,

I would like to thank you for your tender care I got with my neck issues. You’re the best. The last injection worked for a few weeks and brought some much needed relief. 

It is with sadness that I have to move from the valley to help care for my father who had a stroke at 90 years young. My neck still has its problems and I wish I could take you with me so I can complete the process. I know you would have figured it out in the end. We didn’t get our home run yet but we were getting close. Thank you again – I only hope to find another doctor in South Dakota that is half the doctor you are.


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Back to Work, Doing Well, and Active!

Dear Dr. Young,

I would like to formally thank you for caring for my brother. He is recovering to a level that is just wonderful. You have literally given him his lifestyle back again. He is back to work, doing very well, and is active. I have not seen him look so good and be so active in years. His current quality of life is amazing.

I would also like to thank you for clearly explaining the pathology of his spinal problem, showing us his x-rays and other diagnostic tests. You made it very clear what the problem was for him, plus what could be done to help him regain his health.

You are very skilled as a surgeon and a healer. Thank you for helping my brother.

Very truly yours,

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You Have Impacted My Life

Dear Dr. Young,

When I was a child, probably 3 or 4 years old, there was a doctor that my mom would take me to see for all of the usual childhood ailments. This was back in the day when doctors would make house calls, so sometimes he would even come to our home to see us when we were sick, my siblings or me. I only knew him as Doctor Earl. I remember the times when I would see Dr. Earl because he would talk with me, ask me questions and explain things to me in ways a child could understand. I could feel he really cared. He would joke with me, tell me stories and thus because of all these things he could give me shots that wouldn't hurt. He had such a big impact on my life that some 55 years later I still remember.

I am telling you this Doctor Young because I want you to know that in all the years since I have never had another experience like that, until an accident introduced me to you. I will never be able to express my appreciation or thank you enough for all you've done, but even more than that, for your humanity. Taking the time to really listen to me and learn who I am and care about my life.

I never thought I would ever miss seeing a doctor but I will miss seeing you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you. You too have impacted my life and I feel honored to know you. I just want you to know that.

PS: Dr. Earl used to give me suckers. But I do like butter mints too.



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