FAQ - Billing

Do you take my insurance?

We have an extensive list of insurances that we accept which are available on our web site. If there is any question, it is best to contact the insurance directly since they know exactly what type of plan you have. View our list of accepted insurances.

How much am I going to owe for your services?

We do verify your insurance prior to your appointment and try to give the best possible estimates that we can.

Why do I have to pay you my deductible when I paid it at the surgical facility?

Your insurance claims are processed in the order they arrive at the insurance company. Even though you may have paid your deductible at the facility, it may get deducted from another claim if the facility’s bill does not arrive first.

I paid the facility before my surgery/injections so I don’t understand why I’m getting a bill from the provider?

There are different entities involved in a surgical procedure, all which are billed separately and may not be part of Sonoran Spine Billing process.  You may receive billing statements from separate entities. For example,

  • Facility - Location where surgical procedure is performed
  • Surgeon -The doctor who performs the surgical procedure. Please note there can be more than one surgeon in attendance.
  • Assistant Surgeon - One who assists the surgeon during the surgery procedure if required or requested by the Surgeon.
  • Anesthesiologist – One who administers the amount of anesthesia, closely monitors and adjust levels throughout the duration of the procedure.

I’m in my global period after surgery, why are you collecting a copayment?

During the global period after your surgery, no office visits are charged, however, xrays are billed because they do not fall into the global billing category.