College Scholarships

Dennis Crandall, MD congratulating 2014 recipient Giselle Arnold

Our interest in patients with spinal disorders and spinal deformity does not end with successful treatment. The Sonoran Spine Research and Education Foundation (SSREF) has established a scholarship fund to assist students who are Arizona residents and have undergone surgery for or overcome a spinal deformity and want to go to college at Arizona State University, University of Arizona, or Northern Arizona University. The scholarship is awarded based on how the spinal deformity has impacted the applicant’s life, how the student has been able to live a productive and functional life in spite of the deformity, GPA, and demonstrated volunteer/community service.

Prospective students and applicants should contact the financial aid office at one of the Arizona Universities for additional details.

All Applications need to be emailed by April 14, 2024 at 11:59pm.

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Completed scholarship applications should be emailed to the representative below:

ASU Foundation

Samantha Pinkley

Assistant Director, Scholarship Advancement