Medical Team

Renowned in their respective fields, the physicians at Sonoran Spine are some of the highest subspecialty-trained orthopedic spine surgeons and interventional pain management providers in the country; holding Fellowship accreditations. With a passion for healing and returning their patients to a pain free life, they focus on the latest minimally-invasive, research-based and state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical procedures, providing exceptional care for people of all ages.


Michael Chang, MD Michael Chang, MD Spine Surgeon
Dennis Crandall, MD Dennis Crandall, MD Spine Surgeon
Terrence Crowder, MD Terrence Crowder, MD Spine Surgeon


Jason Datta, MD Jason Datta, MD Spine Surgeon
Farhad Mosallaie, DO Farhad Mosallaie, DO, PhD Interventional Pain
Lyle Young, MD Lyle Young, MD Spine Surgeon


Matthew Duske, PA-CMatthew Duske, PA-C Physician Assistant
Bryce Hilmo PA-C Bryce Hilmo, PA-C Physician Assistant
Taylor Isenburg, PA-C Taylor Isenburg, PA-C Physician Assistant


Vanessa Fisher, PA-C Vanessa Fisher, PA-C Physician Assistant
Daniela Pal, PA-C Daniela Pal, PA-C Physician Assistant
Kelli Patterson, FNP-C Kelli Patterson, FNP-C Nurse Practitioner


Candice Rai, PA-C Candice Rai, PA-C Physician Assistant
Angus Smalls-Walker, FNP-C Angus Smalls-Walker, FNP-C Nurse Practitioner
Alyssa Yamamura, PA-C Alyssa Yamamura, PA-C Physician Assistant


Bert Bednar, DPT Bert Bednar, DPT Physical Therapist
Amy Jones, DPT Amy Jones, DPT Physical Therapist
Jana Kray, MSPT Jana Kray, MSPT Physical Therapist