sports injuries


A scoliosis diagnosis doesn’t mean kissing sports goodbye. In fact, it’s recommended that individuals with scoliosis stay active. Here’s how. BENEFITS OF SPORTS Sports and specific exercise have proven to stop scoliosis progression and reduce curvature by retraining the brain to correct the spine’s posture. Sports… Strengthen core muscles that support the spine Keep the body nimble Prevent stiffness Support overall health Boost self-esteem SPORTS…
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Spinal cord injuries are divided into two types: incomplete and complete. An incomplete spinal cord injury is one in which the injured party still has functioning body parts located below the affected body part. A complete spinal cord injury is one in which the injured cannot move anything below the body part that was affected. INCOMPLETE SPINE INJURY Incomplete spinal cord injuries are more common than complete injuries. Over 60% of all injuries…
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Terrence Crowder, MD.

Sports, Exercise and Back Pain

What do Steve Nash, Randy Johnson, Robin Lopez, and 80% of Americans have in common? They have all experienced back pain. Nash's back has bothered him for years, yet he has been named NBA Most Valuable Player multiple times. Randy Johnson had to actually undergo back surgery, yet he still found a way to win 198 more games, four Cy Young awards, and a World Series. Robin Lopez continues to play for the Phoenix Suns. It's obvious that sports are an…
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