There are three main problems that can occur within your spine: cervical spine issues, thoracic spine issues, and lumbar spine issues. Here are the differences between these problems and how you can diagnose them. CERVICAL SPINE WHAT IS IT? The cervical spine is in your neck region and houses the spinal cord that sends messages from the brain to control all aspects of the body. It consists of seven bones which are separated by one another by inte…
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The International Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that 44 million women and men 50 and older have osteoporosis or low bone mass. That represents 55% of Americans in that age bracket. That’s a startling statistic, especially if you’re nearing that magic number and are concerned about your own bone health. Knowing about Osteoporosis is one of the best ways to prevent or treat it. The Silent Disease Osteoporosis is known as the “silent disease” be…
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Osteoporosis has found itself in the midst of more than a few debates, particularly for its responsiveness to supplementation. Vitamins D, K, and calcium are often pinpointed as the roads to perfect bone health, but the truth is not quite that simple. The Truth About Supplementation Osteoporosis’ catastrophic falls and fractures make even the most marginal improvements important. Vitamin D has been the subject of a few tiny studies but hasn’t per…
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Osteoporosis: How to Prevent Fractures

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO PREVENT FRACTURES About 29 million Americans, 80 percent of them women, suffer from osteoporosis or low bone mass, which literally means "porous bones." Most of these people, unfortunately, remain undiagnosed and untreated. The good news? Over the past ten years, medical research has given us prevention strategies, improved diagnostic techniques and new treatments to help us deal with this often debilitating condition. Th…
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Jan Revella, RN.

Osteoarthritis vs Osteoporosis: Different Diseases, Different Treatments

During our seminars, I am often approached with questions. I am commonly asked about "Osteo". I ask, "Osteo-what?" As many of you know, there is osteoarthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis, and others. Frequently people speak of their condition and merge these problems together as they seek answers to their personal concerns. Each condition is very different and requires different treatments. Some of these conditions can be painful; some are not and…
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