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Treatment Options

Treatments for medical concerns related to the spine vary from conservative to surgical interventions. Depending on the area of the spine, the level of injury or disability, and the degree of problems in those injuries, treatment options will vary. Whether your spinal issues are related to arthritis, hernias, sciatica, or sprains and strains, you can find effective solutions to treat all issues of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

Conservative Treatments

Effective conservative treatment can include pain management services. Seeing a specialist in pain management can go a long way to getting you back to work or simply moving again without the restrictions of chronic pain. Interventions for pain management vary with:

  • Use of injections

  • Medical branch blocks

  • Physical therapy

  • Radiofrequency ablation

  • Spinal cord stimulator

Individual Plans

Having an individualized plan created for your specific needs without the heavy reliance on pain medications or extensive surgical options is an effective solution that you can advocate for with your spine treatment provider.

Spinal Surgery

Sometimes spinal surgery is required in order to effectively address the medical issues. When this occurs, there can be different types of surgical interventions available to you-- minimally invasive, significantly invasive, or reconstructive. Seeking a spine specialist with extensive experience in this area of treatment is a must. Surgical treatment can address:

  • Bone infections of the spine

  • Instability of the spine

  • Neurological dysfunctions

Seeking Help

Making the decision to seek out expert medical diagnoses and treatment recommendations is the first step in addressing spine pain and problems. There are effective, conservative, and more extensive surgical options available to address your spinal needs. Treatment options can be explored and explained to you by medical professionals. Don't hesitate to seek out the support today to get on the road to being healthy and pain free. Request an appointment at Sonoran Spine.