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Finding a top rated team of interventional pain management specialists requires one to understand what you need in a provider. When seeking a pain management medical provider to address my spinal issues, choose carefully. These tips will help you find the right medical specialist.

Experience and Training

It goes without saying that using a highly trained medical professional is absolutely mandatory. Your doctor must be renowned in their field and have extensive experience with providing the treatment you need, in this case pain management. Where was their training? Have they been involved in research? Do they have subspecialty expertise that can address your needs? Do they have professional affiliations? Are they licensed and credentialed or board-certified? These questions can be asked and answered by your provider.

The Team

Using a provider that has an "in-house" team of professionals to meet all of your needs is a priority. This team includes more than just your doctor but assistants, nurses, and effectively trained support staff. Is there a designated person to ask billing and insurance questions? Is there emergency help available should you need it? A comprehensive treatment team that can create an individualized approach to your pain management means that all of your needs are addressed. This can provide diagnosis and treatment all under one roof so to speak.


Overall, when seeking a top rated team, do your research. Check their website, ask friends and family about their experiences with the provider, and make sure you feel comfortable. Your questions should be answered, and there should be a clear and understandable treatment plan in place to diagnose and treat your pain. A great pain management team will make you feel listened to and respected. Pain impacts your quality of life but change and relief occur with the right interventional pain management specialist.

Sonoran Spine has an extensive medical team of surgeons and pain management physicians. We believe in transparency, allowing our patients to see everything from their nurse practitioner to their doctor's medial assistant. Meet our staff and request and appointment today.