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Your spine might well be the oddest part of your body. It evolved too poorly to do its job well, undergoes changes from morning to night, and has the same number of vertebrae as a giraffe. It’s made from billions of neurons and keeps your brain in contact with the rest of your body. As spine specialists, we thought we'd share some fun facts about the spine in time for Halloween:

If You Want To become Taller, Visit the Moon

Gravity affects your height more than you might imagine. You’re taller when you wake up than when you go to sleep. Astronauts who spend time in space grow by as much as two inches. Once they return to planet earth, gravity goes to work to steal all that precious height.

Your Spine is Your Body’s Data Center

The spinal cord consists of a tangle of billions of nerves that send and receive information to and from the rest of the body. It’s the hub of all the body’s nerve signals. It doesn’t even need messages from the brain in all scenarios. Sometimes, it sends signals autonomously.

Doctors are Starting to do Robotic Back Surgeries

Robot-assisted spine surgery might sound as though it belongs in a sci-fi film, but surgeons are already using it to do surgeries in some locations. In the future, the technology will improve precision and outcomes.

Babies have "Extra" Vertebrae

Humans usually have 33 vertebrae, which are separate at birth. As you grow, the bones of the lower spine fuse, forming the sacrum and coccyx. So, if you've ever envied a baby's flexibility, don't feel bad.

The Spinal Cord Has Gray Matter

Just like the brain, the spine is made from white and gray matter. The latter is a collection of motor neurons, and the former is responsible for communicating with the rest of the body.

The spine is your brain’s personal assistant, and it does its job beautifully. If you are experiencing issues with your spine, contact us for a consultation.