Expert Blog

Jan Revella, RN.


When I first realized that everybody has something big going on, it was a real eye opener. It helps me put things into perspective everyday whether I'm at work, in traffic, dealing with others and while I play. Everyone deals with stress, but there are strategies that can help to deal with stress and enjoy life more even when we are doing things that are uncomfortable and undesirable. Let me share with you some of my favorite ways to break up, reduce and prevent stress.


  1. Get moving. All forms of exercise and physical activity increases improves mood and refocuses your mind. Consider anything that keeps you active.

  2. Learn to Let It Go. At the moment it may look monumental. But in the course of life, it probably isn't. Take a deep breath and re-examine it tomorrow. It may even make you laugh as you made so much of it yesterday and realized it wasn't even deserving of your concern.

  3. Say no and learn to set boundaries. You don't have to save the world in a day and you aren't obligated to do everything for everybody. When you take care of yourself, your heart opens up and you will naturally do more for others rather than feel obligated and resentful because someone asked you to do one more thing.

  4. Bad things happen to good people and to all of us. How we react will determine how long this will affect us in a negative way. Learn to see the silver lining in everything around you.

  5. Stop trying to control what you can't. Realize when it is not your problem.

  6. Smile, grin, laugh, listen, look and genuinely enjoy the small stuff. It is what makes the world go round. Eat healthy, listen to music, take time for yourself, and spend time with friends. Life is too short for anything else.