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See if this sounds familiar: Through no fault of your own, you somehow “tweaked” your back while on the job. It’s difficult to move around, let alone come back to work.


No matter how many years you’ve been on the job, or how careful you are, sometimes injuries are unavoidable and inevitable. That’s why workmen’s compensation laws are in place to protect employees against loss of income should they become injured on the job. AZ workmen’s compensation can cover the following:

  • Injuries

  • Accidents

  • Illness


In other words, this coverage is designed to help you financially and medically should you end up out of work through no fault of your own. Something to keep in mind is that workers compensation is not mandatory in all states, but most employers will choose to use it as it can save them significant trouble later on. Protecting your employees, after all, should be one of the utmost priorities. And when it comes to back and spine injuries, your chiropractic health is of particular priority, since working on a balky back is likely out of the question.


Keep in mind, these benefits are only provided if the injury or accident occurred on the job. You’ll need proof or documentation of how and where the injury occurred.

Of course, this isn’t like hitting the lottery. Wage-loss benefits normally cover only about half to two-thirds of the average weekly wage. In some cases, this may not be enough to live on, so plan your finances accordingly.


Only full employees will be covered by the workmen’s comp benefits, and that will automatically exclude 1099 independent contractors. In addition to that, fault is something that is not taken into account with workmen’s compensation. In other words, it does not matter who was at fault for the incident, all that matters is that the incident occurred.


Feeling like suing the company now? Think again. Once you are approved for and begin receiving workmen’s compensation, you automatically give up the right to sue your employer for the incident that occurred. However, you still retain the right to sue third parties, such as the manufacturer of any equipment that was involved in your injury.


While you are on workmen’s compensation, it would be in your best interest to seek out pain management specialists, and of course work toward getting back on the job. Sonoran Spine in AZ knows how to address many pain related issues surrounding the spine and can get you back on track to work.