An Intro Corrective Chiropractic Care

An Intro Corrective Chiropractic Care

When most patients visit a chiropractor, they are looking for one of two types of care. Either they're searching for immediate pain and stiffness relief through what is often called, “relief care” or they are looking for longer-lasting results that address the root causes of their discomfort rather than just the symptoms.

The latter type of approach is referred to as corrective chiropractic care. Here's what you need to know about how corrective care works - and why you should consider it for your entire family:

Tackling the Causes

Treating the causes of discomfort rather than just the discomfort itself is not a foreign concept. If you go to your primary care physician complaining of pain or discomfort, they're not likely to simply give you pain reliever and send you home without identifying and treating the cause of that pain.

The same is true of chiropractic care. When you present your chiropractor with concerns about pain, stiffness, or other symptoms, the causes of these issues will be identified and treated rather than just providing temporary symptom relief.

That doesn't mean you can't also receive relief care - it just shouldn't be the only treatment you're getting. Otherwise, you'll be back again and again with no lasting improvement.

Real Improvement

Chiropractic care by its very nature is a type of medicine that makes seeing appreciable results difficult. This is because outwardly, it can sometimes be impossible to see any difference in a patient who is undergoing treatment and one who is not. However, those who commit to comprehensive spinal care can feel real differences in their body’s function - and X-rays and other tests can reveal just how big those differences are.

Corrective care is a process of making small adjustments over time to address spinal deformities, abnormalities, and injuries. By correcting these issues, practitioners can relieve a wide range of symptoms and address an even longer list of underlying causes that may be creating health concerns.

From scoliosis and kyphosis to spinal trauma, birth defects, and more, patients who undergo corrective care can feel both immediate relief of pain and increased mobility - and see meaningful, lasting improvement to their overall conditions.

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