Chiropractic Risks and Alternatives

Why don’t we offer chiropractic adjustments?

As spinal specialists, we provide a range of treatment options based on each patient’s needs. We perform surgery on some patients for whom the benefits outweigh the risks. For others, we recommend alternatives to surgery such as physical therapy or massage. However, we don’t recommend chiropractic adjustments, and this is because we prefer strong evidence-based treatments that are as low risk as possible.

Risks of Chiropractic Adjustments

There’s no denying that some patients report excellent results from receiving adjustments from a chiropractor. Alternative treatments may have the advantage of long tradition, developing over centuries and resulting in a good number of positive anecdotes supporting their efficacy. However, as medical experts, we choose not to base our decisions on anecdotal evidence. We are willing to consider treatments that have undergone rigorous clinical trials. This is for your health and safety. Even if someone you know swears by chiropractic, what works for them may turn out harmful to you.

Twisting and cracking the spine typically causes short-term pain, and chiropractors might tell you this is simply a side effect. However, there is limited evidence that chiropractic is safe and effective in the long-term. Meanwhile, patients have suffered from strokes, pinched nerves and other complications due to damage caused by spinal manipulation. Unless a strong body of scientific evidence emerges in support of specific chiropractic methods, we are not willing to put our patients at risk.

Alternatives to Alternative Treatment

We understand the risks of the treatments we do offer, and are able to educate our patients about the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. Some chiropractors do offer treatments we recommend, while others make wild and unsupported claims. When you choose Sonoran Spine, you can have confidence that you’re choosing experts who have filtered out hypotheses from strong conclusions.

Spinal decompression can be performed without violently manipulating the spine. Gentle cervical traction addresses neck pain and other conditions stemming from the upper back. This method decompresses the neck while stretching muscles and joint structures. Of course, we cannot recommend any treatment without a proper examination, but we strive to take a minimally invasive course without overreliance on medication. If you have questions about treatment methods, please feel free to ask.

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